Due diligence

Our specialists having great knowledge of accounting, finance and tax matters, will perform a financial, business and operational analysis of a target company that you are potentially interested to buy. As a result, we will provide you with reliable information including identification and quantification of risks and exposures of the target company concerned. The due diligence will be tailored to your needs.

Accounting and reporting advisory services

On-going accounting and financial advisory services

We can assist you in interpreting regulations of the Polish Accounting Act as well as International Financial Reporting Standards. We also provide support in analyzing business events and how to properly account for them in the books and financial statements. On your request, the findings of our work can be delivered either verbally or in writing.

Drawing up the financial statements

Based on the books of account kept by you or your accounting firm, we can draw up complete financial statements or their selected component parts in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Accounting Act or International Financial Reporting Standards. Doing so, we will work closely with your personnel in order to fully understand the purpose and nature of any transaction made by you and properly reflect it in the financial statements.

Implementation of IAS/IFRS

We can assist you in the process of transforming your financial statements to the requirements of the IAS/IFRS in the following ways:

  • we will coordinate the process,
  • we will analyze the accounting and reporting processes and systems in order to identify differences between the currently applied policy and the IAS/IFRS as well as indicate acceptable policies under the IAS/IFRS that can be chosen by you,
  • we will support you in quantifying differences, in particular in relation to fixed assets,
  • we will draft model financial statements and the accounting policy for you,
  • we will support you in harmonizing the organizational structure and IT systems with the new reporting requirements,
  • we will perform internal IAS/IFRS training sessions for your staff.


Analysis of compliance of the existing financial and accounting solutions with applicable regulations

On your request, we will review and analyze the existing financial and accounting policies in order to check whether they conform to the applicable law. We will draft a report in writing indicating the areas where the existing practice is in line with the applicable regulations as well as the areas where the existing practice is not in line with the binding regulations. We will also provide you with our recommendations on how to eliminate the irregularities found.

Preparation and improvement of the existing accounting procedures

As regards new companies, we offer support in preparing their accounting procedures and accounting policy which will suit their size and operations best. We can also support you in implementing best practices related to the accounting procedures. On your request, we will analyze the existing procedures, indicate areas for improvement and work out the best solutions to be applied by you.

Conversion of financial statements drawn up in accordance with the Polish regulations to other accounting standards

On the basis of our vast experience in audits of financial statements drawn up in accordance with accounting standards other than the Polish ones, we will be pleased to convert your statutory financial statements into the financial statements drawn up in accordance with the accounting regulations binding in other countries as well as the accounting regulations specifically applied by your capital group.

Training courses on Polish accounting standards and IFRS

We can perform professional training sessions for your employees on selected aspects of Polish and international accounting standards. During such sessions, we will not only present theoretical knowledge but also give you numerous practical examples that suit the nature of your business operations.

Merger-related and reorganization advisory services

Together with tax advisers and law firms, we offer comprehensive services related to mergers, demergers and other forms of reorganization and restructuring of business entities. We can support you in particular in drafting or assessing merger, demerger and reorganization plans. We can also assist you in establishing the share exchange ratio as well as provide you with accounting advisory services related to the consequences of such transactions.

Valuation of business and its assets

Our specialists will valuate your business/company or its organized part as well as particular assets such as fixed assets or intangibles, including trademarks and customer portfolio.

Analyzes of financial statements

Depending on your needs, we will perform various financial analyzes, in particular: ratio analysis, comparability analysis, budget performance analysis and budget variance analysis. We can perform our work based solely on the data received from you but we can also search for adequate data on our own, i.e. for comparison purposes. Our findings will be summarized in a report stating conclusions as to the analyzed area.

Cost control and optimization

The most important aspect of each optimization is an analysis of factors affecting particular costs. Working together with your personnel, we will identify these factors as well as areas where costs can be reduced. We will perform a trend analysis and an analysis of relationships between quantities and values that characterize the Company’s operations in the long run. We will also analyze your plans and actual performance. As a result of our work, we will prepare recommendations on potential areas of cost optimization.

Assessment of strategic, financial and operational risks

The management often faces various threats on its way to achieve strategic goals. It is therefore important not only to identify and assess the risk areas but also design and implement adequate control procedures. Our specialists, in cooperation with your personnel, will analyze the operations of your company, its goals and environment. As a result, not only internal and external risk areas will be identified but also we will recommend to you how to monitor these risks and which control procedures should be in place in order to mitigate the identified risks.

Taking over/outsourcing of responsibilities of a financial director and/or a financial controller

Based on our experience, we offer support in finance and controlling both on an operational and strategic levels. Our services can be rendered in various ways depending on your needs, in particular as advisory in finance and controlling, performance of responsibilities in finance and controlling, support in strategic and operational decision-making and on-going support of the management.

Actuarial services

We offer valuation of employers’ liabilities towards employees resulting from benefits based on the Polish Labor Code, company’s remuneration schemes and collective bargaining agreements.