Day-to-day tax advisory

Ongoing tax advisory services (in particular in the area of corporate and personal income taxes, value added tax (VAT), excise tax, tax on civil law transactions, real estate tax, etc.)

Personal Income Tax

  • planning tax-effective remuneration systems for employees and managers,
  • analysing tax consequences of employees using the company’s assets for private purposes,
  • developing effective social security solutions,
  • analysing tax aspects of cross-border secondments of employees.

Corporate Income Tax

  • analysing CIT consequences of planned or executed business transactions,
  • classifying revenues and costs for tax purposes,
  • analysing potential opportunities of tax loss utilization,
  • analysing tax consequences of the transfer of assets to foreign entities,
  • assisting in the tax classification of costs of promotion, training and marketing activities,
  • optimization of tax depreciation.

Value Added Tax

  • analysing VAT consequences of planned or executed business transactions,
  • analysing Polish VAT regulations and their compliance with the Community law,
  • planning allocation of taxable and tax-exempt activities for achieving optimal pro-rata deduction of input VAT,
  • determining appropriate VAT rates applicable to taxable activities,
  • analysing the correctness of tax point recognition,
  • assisting foreign entities in obtaining VAT refunds in Poland,
  • registering foreign and domestic entities for VAT purposes.

Excise Tax

  • ensuring that excise tax settlements are made in a correct and timely manner,
  • analysing the correctness of specific solutions applied under the excise law (such as tax warehouse, excise duty suspension arrangement, etc.),
  • representing you before customs authorities.

Tax planning

Our experts skillfully combine their theoretical expertise with practical consequences. We are aware of the fact that tax advice should not only mean a quick response to existing tax issues but, most of all, tax-effective planning of future business events. Depending on your needs, we are ready to determine tax consequences of your planned transactions or suggest a solution which will be optimal from the tax perspective and, at the same time, will help you achieve your assumed business goals. We believe that the solutions we propose will enable you to achieve measurable tax benefits and will significantly reduce the level of tax risks.

Tax optimization of domestic and cross-border transactions

Our services are aimed to increase tax efficiency related to your domestic and cross-border business transactions. The solutions proposed by us take into account not only local and foreign tax regulations but also economic conditions of individual transactions. In particular, we can help you with:

  • designing and implementing tax optimal projects and drafting business agreements,
  • designing and implementing tax-effective foreign investment strategies in Poland,
  • planning effective cash flows between group entities,
  • identifying tax-effective ways of investment / project financing,
  • analysing potential investment exit strategies.

Identification of possible solutions that increase liquidity

Solutions that we propose will enable you to correctly manage tax issues of any entity and avoid / mitigate potential tax risks. In particular, the suggested solutions will enable you to achieve measurable tax benefits such as the increased cash flow. In particular, we can help you with:

  • analysing possibilities of obtaining refunds of overpaid taxes,
  • developing a bad debt management policy which will be optimal from the tax perspective,
  • harmonizing future refunds of the excess of input over output VAT with the expected financial standing of an entity,
  • analysing possibilities of obtaining VAT refunds in a faster manner,
  • analysing benefits connected with the change of VAT calculation and payment method (monthly vs. quarterly),
  • analysing possibilities of deferring the VAT point,
  • developing an effective management policy concerning taxable costs,
  • analysing situations where it is possible to defer the recognition of revenues for income tax purposes,
  • analysing the obligation to collect withholding taxes in the case of a transfer of interest, dividends and royalties to non-residents.

Comprehensive tax reviews aimed at identification and elimination of tax risks as well as achieving measurable tax savings

We offer both comprehensive tax reviews of all of your company’s tax calculations and payments and thorough tax reviews of specific taxes / areas of the company’s business operations. The main objective of each tax review is always to:

  • verify the accuracy of the company’s tax calculations and payments and identify potential risks,
  • recommend specific actions aimed at mitigating the identified tax risks for both the company itself and people responsible for its tax calculations and payments,
  • identify the areas of tax optimization and recommend its implementation.

Assistance in tax compliance (for instance developing and implementing tax procedures) and tax risk management

Our services involve developing and implementing tax solutions which will facilitate your company’s tax compliance obligations as well as make the tax settlements more effective. In particular, we offer developing and implementing tax procedures which will ensure you that specific taxes are correctly calculated and paid by your company and enable you to evaluate your company’s overall tax position. We believe that our actions will mitigate tax risks connected with the company’s future activities and will allow your company to focus entirely on its business operations. Furthermore, solutions that we design take also into consideration individual characteristics of a company as well as its accounting and IT systems.

Assisting and representing taxpayers in tax and court proceedings

Our professionals have extensive experience in representing taxpayers during tax and fiscal inspections, tax proceedings, proceedings before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
Our purpose is to represent your interests in a way that allows bringing tax inspection / tax proceedings to a successful end at the earliest possible stage.

Transaction advisory services (in particular, tax optimization of mergers, transformations and restructuring)

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive services related to tax restructuring of your planned business transactions. Our consultants have participated in numerous national and international projects in the field of M&A. Our main aim is to obtain measurable tax benefits for you and, at the same time, achieve the assumed business goals of the transactions in question. We believe that solutions which we propose will enable efficient and tax-effective implementation of your planned transactions. We offer you services involving:

  • tax due diligence of entities to be acquired / restructured,
  • drafting tax-effective transaction schemes which at the same time ensure that the business objectives assumed by you will be achieved,
  • mitigation of the identified tax risks related to the planned transaction,
  • verification of provisions of the planned business contracts from the tax efficiency perspective,
  • practical assistance in implementing the solutions suggested.

Training courses and seminars on tax issues

We organize training courses and seminars on tax issues. Our training courses may focus on specific taxes (VAT, CIT, etc.) or may include a comprehensive presentation of specific tax issues. The training sessions organized by us may also concern tax solutions characteristic to a specific industry sector (pharmaceutical, building, financial, etc.). We are ready to tailor the subject matter and the contents of our courses to your individual needs.

Tax advisory services for entities operating in Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

We offer comprehensive services related to the entire investment process in Special Economic Zones, including in particular as follows:

  • support during the procedure of applying for a permit to undertake business operations in the SEZ,
  • defining the right moment to commence business operations in the SEZ,
  • allocation of the company’s revenues and costs to business operations carried out within the SEZ (tax-exempt) and outside the SEZ (taxable),
  • defining the correct amount of exemption available with respect to business operations performed within the SEZ in particular settlement periods,
  • analyzing the possibilities of combining the advantages connected with the company’s operations in the SEZ with other forms of public aid,
  • monitoring changes in tax regulations regarding the SEZ and their influence upon your business operations.

Transfer pricing advisory services

We focus on ensuring that you have the maximum tax safety in the area of transfer pricing, in particular by means of:

  • developing and updating your transfer pricing policy,
  • preparing documentation for related-party transactions (the so-called Article 9a Documentation),
  • collecting and preparing documentation supporting both the fact that intangible services were rendered and the relation between particular intangible services and your company’s revenues,
  • tax classification of intercompany transactions (among others annual transfer pricing adjustment, true-up cost),
  • conducting proceedings related to advance pricing arrangements introduced by the Ministry of Finance.

Vat settlement for foreign entities

Our offer includes complex VAT settlement for foreign parties, including registration for VAT taxation purposes in Poland, preparation and maintenance of VAT records, preparation of VAT declarations, recapitulative statements, and Intrastat declarations.