Oferujemy następujący zakres usług:

Books of account

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services. We keep the books of account in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Accounting Act and other legal requirements. We are licensed by the Ministry of Finance.

Financial statements

We can draw up financial statements (annual ones as required by law or periodic ones for accounting data presentation or conversion purposes, etc.) based on data provided.

Payroll and personnel

We offer you the following services in this area:

  • Keeping personnel files in accordance with the employment requirements,
  • Calculating payroll, social security contributions, taxes and maintaining all related evidence,
  • Preparing statistical reports relating to payroll and personnel.

Organization, monitoring and supervision of an accounting department

We have experience in setting up professional accounting departments, also at your premises. We will take care of hiring adequate personnel and will organize their duties. We can also provide professional advice on complex matters as well as an oversight of the accounting department based on quality standards of bookkeeping services verified by internal auditors (these standards among others take form of certain procedures, schedules and reports that need to be prepared each month by our accountants).
We also offer insurance of the accounting department against the risk of misstatement.

Receivables monitoring

Based on precise procedures, we monitor your liquidity, especially drawing our attention to unpaid receivables. On behalf of and in cooperation with you, we contact your customers which default on payment by phone, send payment requests and draft documents necessary for the law firm to enforce the debt before the court.

Representation of Clients

Starting cooperation with us, we will ask you to grant us a power of attorney so that we could act on your behalf before the Tax Office, Statistical Office, National Bank of Poland and other offices with reporting requirements applicable to you. If the above-mentioned offices perform their audits at your Company, we will fully represent you in direct contacts with their representatives.

Additional services:

Presentation of accounting data

As part of our standard services, we provide regular (on a monthly or weekly basis or more frequently as requested by you) presentation of accounting data in the form of standard schedules and reports such as profit and loss account, balance sheet, specification of accounts receivable and payable, aging analysis and other documents as required by you. We can also present financial data directly to your Management Board as well as take part in the Supervisory Board meetings if the Management or situation requires so.


We keep the books and present data to your Management in a way facilitating key decision-making. Since we use specialized software, we are able to quickly generate periodic reports (such as analysis of income and costs, financial ratios with comments, break-even point for the entire company as well as for particular types of activities) that help you make your decisions.

Safe online preview

Our software allows you to preview your accounting data online with the use of a web browser. Using secure connection and entering your user name and password, you will be able to view your accounting data at any time you wish. Apart from that, you can also generate, on your own, such reports as:

  • balance sheet,
  • profit and loss account,
  • accounts receivable and payable.
  • Other individual reports can also be added to our WebFK software as required by you.


Whenever your accounting staff encounters any problems, you can contact us. We will provide you with advice of how to handle a certain matter or how to anticipate tax and accounting consequences of your intended decisions. We can provide consultations by phone, via email or at meetings with your Management, Chief Accountant or a bank representative.