Beat the crisis

Project description

The main goal of the “BEAT THE CRISIS” project is to eliminate the problems of the entities eligible for the support through trainings and consulting in support of the enterprise profile change.
The project will support 75 people, including 27 women, employed in micro-enterprises, small enterprises, and medium enterprises, the  headquarters of which are located in the Greater Poland voivodeship and undergo the business profile transformation process.

The project is directed to the representatives of:
•    Management staff
•    Employees

Forms of support:
•    Trainings
•    Consulting

The project includes 40 hours of training sessions on change management. The problems to be discussed include, among others: consistence of the change with the strategic goals of the company, change cost estimation in the context of the financial, material, and human resources and the potential economic, organizational, human benefits; change as a project and leading the employees through change.

For every enterprise participating in the project, consulting on change management will be offered. Individual consulting sessions will take 30 hours. The area of consulting includes:  feasibility analysis of the change strategy, cost and efficiency management, implementation project management, knowledge and human capital management, economic risk management, financial risk management. Consulting sessions will be organized in the enterprise headquarters.

Any costs related to consulting and training will be covered as part of the project. Course materials and catering will also be offered to the participants.


The project is directed to management staff and employees of enterprises which have a business unit located in the Greater Poland voivodeship and undergo the business profile transformation process.

In order to participate in the project, it is required to fill in the following recruitment documents:
•    Declaration of enterprise participation
•    Enterprise application form
•    Declaration of participation
•    MSME classification form
•    Statement of failure to meet the conditions for exclusion from de minimis support
•    Employee assignment form
•    Statement of non-receipt of de minimis support
•    Statement of the enterprise financial situation

The documents should be sent via mail or submitted in person in the Project Office at ul. Grudzieniec 102 in Poznań in the Organizer’s headquarters –  BT&A Audyt i Doradztwo Sp. z o.o.

Recruitment is Open! You are Welcome to Apply!

The project is co-founded by the European Union from the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority VIII ”Regional Human Resources for the Economy”, Measure 8.1 “Developing a Workforce and Enterprises in the Region”, Sub-measure 8.1.2 “Support of Adaptation and Modernization Processes in the Region”